Agreement preceding workshops:

All participants must sign a personal declaration before being received for one of our workshops. Without this agreement it is not possible to participate in the workshops. With this declaration you confirm that:

  • You’re aware of the behaviour rules (mutual respect for each other, no sexual or aggressive attitude).
  • You’re aware of your own responsibility regarding the contra-indications, honesty about any eventual medicine or drug use;  

  • You’re aware of the psychedelic and other possible bodily effects intrinsic to the use of Ayahuasca (vomiting/diarrhea/dizziness).

With this agreement, you also consent with the following:

  • For safety reasons, if you travel by yourself or with public transportation, you agree not to leave the ceremony space without consent from the ceremony guides;

  • You chose to participate in the ceremony from your own free will.

Canceling a reservation:

We ask for payment of 50% of the total price, max. 14 days before the plannend date.

It is possible to cancel or reschedule a ceremony until 14 days before the planned date.

When cancelling a ceremony within 7 days before the planned date, we charge the payed 50%  for preparation and planning costs.


The use of telephones (calling, text messages, etc) during the ceremonies is not allowed.

It is not allowed to record video or audio during the ceremony. This is important because we respect the privacy, security and confidence placed in us by all participants.

It is also not allowed to bring any other external person that is not registered for the ceremony, not even as an observer or “guide”.