The proper motivation for joining an Ayahuasca ceremony is to liberate yourself from negative patterns of thought and behaviour

This liberation will create space for new perspectives on your life-so-far. Difficult and painful experiences will be explained, as the reasons behind the various events in your life are revealed. By taking you on a journey through the Shadow places of your Being, Ayahuasca will help you achieve a greater sense of purpose. She will make you more present, and ultimately more at-peace with your life.

Accept the Process
The key to liberation from your emotional luggage is to turn towards, and not away from, your pain and other difficult feelings. This process can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Moreover, the door to your stored-up, emotional baggage (your unconscious pain body), once it is opened, cannot easily be shut.

Ayahuasca can be Challenging
Working with Ayahuasca is very complex. It is impossible to predict how the medicine will work for you, today. Ayahuasca does not answer to impatient demands (for happiness). It will most likely make you feel worse before it can make you feel better. true healing is not about ‘feeling better’, but about ‘better feeling. Ayahuasca can be, besides healing and clarifying, also very confronting. Because of this, it is very important to ask yourself if you are really ready and motivated by the right reasons to make this inward journey, to look deep in yourself and to look the problems that might surface directly in the eye. AyaCura will help you release them, or accept and integrate them into a healthy lifestyle

One thing about Ayahuasca can be said for sure:

You will always receive what you need. But what you need, might not always be what you you’re looking for.

Trust yourself and your ceremony Guides
Trusting yourself, the medicine and your facilitators is the key to a safe and more relaxed ceremony.When you are properly prepared for the Ayahuasca process it is time to embrace your guides. For the ceremony you will be placing your trust in Bo and Daniel. They will prepare the medicine, help you through your journey and monitor your safety. To start getting to know your guides, see  ‘ABOUT US’.

Enjoy the journey
You may have heard remarkable things about Ayahuasca. Great visions and insights about past lives. However, as we have mentioned before, these visions may not be what you need. In any case, these visions should not be your main objective. AyaCura aims at soul healing, this is essential before any further steps can be taken. Whichever way this healing will take place in your journey however, we can guaranty it will be a miracle to behold.

True healing is not about ‘feeling better’, but about ‘better feeling’.

If you would like to register for a ceremony at our centre in Eindhoven, we recommend you read  up on Ayahuasca, follow the prescribed diet and refrain from sexual activity a few days before and after the ceremony. These preparations enable you to engage with the ceremony fully.

You can sign up by sending an Email to:
After an intake, we will provide you with extra information about the ceremony and the required preparations.

Setting an intention may help you to get the answers and insights desired from your inward journey. Ayahuasca mostly brings you to affairs and situations which are important in that specific moment in your life, and which you subconsciously are looking for.

It can be useful to take time to get your intention clear before the ceremony. Setting a clear intention, without creating expectations is difficult. However, we recommend that you observe what your intentions are at the moment. You could wonder why and how Ayahuasca can help you at that moment. Specific questions you have can also be expressed as intentions. However, try to formulate it in the form of a ‘theme’, and ask Ayahuasca for insights into it, or on the subject around it. For example, work, relations, life-path, youth, personal issues.


An open group night ceremony is designed for a maximum of four people.  It includes accommodation, meals, explanations and professional guidance. During the ceremony you will be accompanied by experienced and professional supervisors. We use songs, music, healing techniques and different therapeutic techniques. We cannot tell you what you are going to experience during your journey. We can however give you an idea of what the ceremony will be like.

Open group participants are welcome at AyaCura in Eindhoven at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. There will be time to meet and get used to each other. .

After we have got to know each other a little we will explain the ceremony and talk about Ayahuasca. We will talk about some of the things that often happen during a ceremony. Lastly we will establish some house rules, important to maintain a safe  environment during the ceremony.

Opening ceremony and circle:
During the ceremony opening we will sing. Participants are welcome to sing with us. In accordance with everybody’s wishes  there is room for sharing or to set an intention . Then it is time to drink Ayahuasca. After drinking we will smoothly make the transition to your journey: through meditations, breathing exercise, singing and music. There will be two rounds of drinking.

Your journey:

To get a better understanding of what the Ayahuasca journey consists of, please read the text at the top of this section. As for the sensory experiences it is common to see a proliferation of colours, lights, geometric patterns or animals. These are somewhat peripheral to the work. The more profound healing takes place on deeper levels. Insight and understanding about the world and universe around you will typically arise from within not outside yourself. Everyone is different, and no ceremony is ever the same as another. Even the most experienced ayahuasca drinker cannot predict what direction their visions will take, although there often seems to be a sense of a “course” (in the educational sense) or trajectory being followed, when one looks back over a series of ceremonies.

After the ceremony, you will need some time to acclimatise. Your senses and feelings are extremely sensitive after an Ayahuasca ceremony, so take the rest you need. Once the ceremony is concluded there will be a light vegetarian meal and fruits. This helps you reconnect with your surroundings and refresh. After that, there is room for relaxation in the ceremony room. You may also shouse to talk to each  other in another room.

On Sunday morning after a shower and breakfast we have a moment for sharing. You can discuss your experience for example, or ask questions. We will be there to support or assist you. After this the weekend ends and you can go home again.

AyaCura recognises the importance of providing the right psychological aftercare. Attending an Ayahuasca ceremony can sometimes bring difficult things to the surface. Days or weeks after the ceremony you may still find you cannot process your experience. We are happy to assist you with the process of interpreting your experience and integrating your new found insights into your day to day life.

Feel free to contact us.

Aftercare can be nice if:

  • you are confused after a workshop and have not been able to process your experience well.
  • you are anxious or afraid as a result of your Ayahuasca journey.