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After years working together with the plant medicines, we consider ourselves blessed to be able to facilitate people from all over the world to reach within themselves and re-discover the treasures to be found in the depths of their own beings. We dedicate ourselves fully to the uniqueness of each ceremony, to the preparation, guidance and the care which constitutes the whole process. We do this work to create renewed love and joy for life, for those who seek. 

BoApplied Psychologist - Process therapist - Ayahuasquera
Always interested in the depths of the human soul, she decided already very young to follow the path of the applied psychological studies. She always heard the calling, and felt there was so much more than what we are used to coming in contact with in our modern every day life. It was only some years after adulthood that she actually first came in direct contact with Ayahuasca as a natural means of reaching out to our untapped and often dulled perceptions. Since then, Bo has orientated her studies and learning efforts to broaden her knowledge of techniques and the ancient wisdom that exists in order to help us reconnect with our inner self, regain consciousness about often unconsciously (but never forgotten) traumas, experiences, and all forms of energetic luggage we carry with our beings, from this or any other form of existence. Bo is now an certified Procestherapist, specialized as Ayahuasca facilitator by the Penva Academy.
DanielAyahuasquero - Musician
Daniel is a person with compassion and respect for everything that lives. In his presence, most people feel themselves confortable. De human mind and the way with which we deal with each other has always interested him, and through the years he managed to develop his skills and knowledge in this area. Daniel comes from Brazil, the land of Ayahuasca, where he, already at a very young age, ended up coming in contact with the power of the healing and wise plant medicine. His first journey with the plants completely changed his path and orientation in life. He became interested in knowing more about himself, became an artist and musician, learned different languages and developed a strong desire to see the world.