Ayahuasca is an entheogen, which literally means: ‘that which reaches for the divine within ourselves’.  They have been using this holy drink for over 5000 years, to heal the soul and to achieve a higher state of consciousness. It is a decoction from at least two plants though various other ingredients can be added. Moreover, it sharpens perception and awakens slumbering senses. Enabling you to experience yourself and what lies beyond the self in a completely different way. Besides sharpening and awakening our slumbering, latent senses the resulting mix has strong healing and cleansing qualities.

“Ayahuasca works as a gateway to life lessons, knowledge about other realities, insights about the planet Earth, the universe and to experience yourself as a human being.”

Ayahuasca as therapy
Ayahuasca works as a gateway to life lessons, knowledge about other realities, insights about the planet Earth, the universe and  experiencing  yourself as a human being. Ayahuasca temporally heightens your level of consciousness. This gives you access to deeper layers of your consciousness.  Creating fertile ground for countless learning possibilities during an inward journey.

An AyaCura ceremony goes deeper than common therapy. During the inward journey you discover parts of yourself that are much more difficult to penetrate by western techniques. You will go past the superficial layers of your problem and reach the core.  Ayahuasca enables you to look at yourself and at the whole with eyes, much more capable of comprehending and seeing the truth. From there you will become more conscious of who you really are.

How Ayahuasca works:
The active substances in the holy drink are dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and monoamine-oxidase-inhibitors (MAO-Inhibitor). DMT is a chemical that is created in our pineal gland. Normally the MAO-enzymes of our liver and stomach break down accesses of this chemical we naturally produce. By using a MAO-Inhibitor, the DMT ingested by drinking this plant is not broken down. Which enables us to work together with the plants and make an inward, shamanic journey.

Which tea is this?

  • Which tea is this, that makes me conscious of my actions and asserts me constantly about my behaviour and the course I give my life?

  • Which tea is this, that shows me my flaws and makes my errors visible so I can have the chance to correct myself?

  • Which tea is this, that has freed me from so many mundane illusions and keeps me aware of the many more that still remain rusted in my being?

  • Which tea is this that demands discipline, respect and love towards myself and all living beings?

  • Which tea is this, that does not accept the lesser, the half or the average, but demands always the best of me always and every day?

  • Which tea is this, that has given “life” back to so many “dead” people?

  • Which tea is this, that frees so many people from the many illnesses and vices that devastate humanity?

  • If you are not keen on changing, it is not a tea for you.

Who is it for?

An Ayahuasca ceremony is appropriate for all who have a deep longing for insight, consciousness development and (spiritual) growth. A ceremony participant must be prepared to face de self-confrontation that arises from standing in this hall of mirrors, and should have an interest in:

¨   Shamanic flights
¨   The development of consciousness
¨   Personal development and (conscience) growth
¨   Preparation for the physical death

Besides this, Ayahuasca is also very helpful with all the following situations:

  • Trauma’s, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Mourning, loss, loneliness

  • Fear, phobias

  • Somberness, depressive feelings, lack of lust

  • Stress exhaustion, burn-out

  • Problems with work

  • Addictions

  • Insecurities

  • Attachment problems, Binding and abandonment anxiety

  • Behaviour, social and communication problems

  • Sexual and Intimacy problems

  • Dilemma’s and decision-making problems

  • Psychosomatic complaints (physical complaints without medical explanation)

  • Existential problems: who am I, why am I here, what is my goal in life

  • Finding a good balance

  • Inferiority complex

  • Birth trauma

≡    In case you plan on using Ayahuasca as a recreative “trip”, we kindly ask you not to apply for a ceremony with us.

  • Ayahuasca can only be dangerous when taken in conjunction with a number of specific medications. For a complete list of those please refer to the contra-indications page.

If the doors of perception were cleansed,
everything would  appear to man as it is – infinite

William Blake